The article below is a nice tick box of things a company should do in the light of the current situation with Covid-19.  But I think we can see from the news that things will probably get worse before they get better.

Not sure about you, but I'm hoping for some warm weather to "kill" off the bugs, but we know that hope isn't a strategy.  So what should we do?

As a business leader myself, that has bills to pay my concern is for how business will transact.  Especially if we are not allowed to travel.  Are we looking at a slow down in business or a recession? 

Maybe this is the time to start looking at business differently and actually get around to using social media.  We can do this within the confines of a working from home culture. 

It's something we keep reading about but never spend the time doing.

How about if we used social media strategically to make sure during this time of crisis that we keep the prospecting going?  If we keep the prospecting going, even if things slows down, but the time things pick up we will be connected with the right people and ready to rock from day 1.  With cold calling you have to prospect in series (rather than parallel) and therefore you need to start again, as everybody will have forgotten you.

Let's take a step back.

This research from Hootsuite and We are Social Media shows there are 3.75 Billion people in the world active on social media. From a B2B Enterprise prospective, that is pretty much everybody you are going to need to sell to. 

Research by Accenture shows that we are spending 6.4 hours a day on the internet, which if we take out the time we are asleep, we are now spending half our lives on the internet.

We know that social media has changed the world, now is the time for us to capitalise on it.

Our clients, our prospects, our employee, our future employees are on social, lets go and talk with them.