I am struck by the fact that 25% of British organisations are failing to carry out any training or coaching for their marketing or sales staff.

The research concluded that as a consequence, these business to business organisations are not equipped for selling complex or high-value product and services.

Is it that training is put on the back burner, and left to internal resources train sales teams?  It is potentially risky. The trainer may not be equipped with the materials, skillset or time to deliver appropriate training.

How often have we sat in training sessions, when it's been death by Powerpoint? According to NTL Institute attendees on these sessions retain less than 50% of the content at most, so what's the point?

Modern selling is a new skill set in the salesperson's kit bag.  Selling success now is dependent on understanding how social networks work,  building a social profile and expanding your network.  Also, modern salespeople need to know how to create and curate content appropriate to their target audience.

These new skills require an investment in training from employers.  Forward-thinking employers realise that training their employers with new skills is great for motivation and loyalty.  As teams become more confident in the world of modern selling, we have witnessed a fantastic, return on training investment through a pipeline built, deals closed or employees hired.

Our approach to modern selling coaching isn't presentation mode only, but a proven delivery mechanism to embed new skills that make a material difference to the bottom line.