Social Media has changed the world. It has changed the way we communicate with each other. It is stitched into the fabric of society. A single person, with a phone and access to the internet, can change a world view with a single social media post.

Ask yourself this – have you ever considered Social Media as a strategic tool within your organisation?

At DLA ignite, we have.

We position Strategic Social Media within organisations, working with Business Change Leaders who can see and understand the power that these Global Social Media networks have. The power to change the narrative in an industry. The power to reposition your brand in a market. The power to energise your organisational Purpose for your employees, your clients and society itself.

The organisations that will succeed in this world, underpinned by a Strategic Social Media plan, will be the ones that have leaders who are change-makers, who seek out change led ideas and are not afraid to champion them. They will be progressive in their thinking. They will not be anchored down by the past “way of doing things” in the good old days.

At DLA ignite, we do not train your business on social media. We transform the way your employees view social media as a way to empower them to act as brand ambassadors of your purpose.

We have created a proven change management program that will give your employees a framework as well providing the mindset change, habit change and confidence to act as change-makers in their own right while remaining true to your brand.

These behaviour changes will drive organisational growth for you. DLA ignite’s mission is to give your business the ability to unlock the intellectual capital which is hidden within your already existing networks to transform the way you do business in a constantly changing world.

If this resonates with you and you want to find out more, please connect and let's talk further.

It’s time to change the way you think and do. Social Media has changed the world. So can you.