It's 2020 guys, are you really serious in having articles that talk like this.

This is just proof that email marketing is broken and articles like this are "shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic".  I know that people who write this articles have a vested interest in the old ways, but really?

As buyers, we hate being interrupted. Advertising, email marketing, cold calling we hate it all.  So why do we go back to our desks, step back in time and commission more?  It's crap and we know it!

So, come on, it's a new decade, let's stop all this 1990s marketing and make like it's 2020!

Let's stop ALL of the interruptions and move our efforts, and budget, to where our prospects, customers, investors, and new employees are .... on social.

Sounds scary? Come on ...

  • Let's have profiles that people want to engage with.  
  • Let's build networks and relationships.  
  • Let's create interesting, engaging, educational and authentic content.

Let's drop all this interrupt and broadcast bullshit, articles like this just prove it's broken, let's wake up and do something different this year!

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