I was talking to a user of one of the "market leading" employee advocacy tools and they agreed that 90% use the software as a tool to pump out corporate content that nobody else is interested in.

What do I mean?

Over the last 10 years, as social media as matured, the traditional ways of trying to get hold of people have got harder and harder.

Think about it!

Where as, there was a time we would have looked at adverts, now they are just seen as intrusive.  In fact many of us use ad-blockers to block them out.

I was talking to a marketer recently and she couldn't see the irony that she used adverts to find prospects, but the whole of the marketing team used ad-blockers.  Why?  Because she told me, nobody likes being interrupted with adverts.  This is a true story!

That is the cruel irony of modern marketing, that we hate being interrupted, but get back to our desks and commission more of what we hate.  Because the buyer is different from us?  Of course she or he isn't.  So why do we do it?  Because, of course our product is different.  If only you just read a list of our features and functions and you will fall in love with it just like we have.

This is utter bollocks and the sooner we wake up from this ridiculous strategy the better!

You don't love your product, it pays your mortgage.

I can guarantee that I won't care about your product .... I'm way too busy to care.

The same with email and cold calls, we all hate the interruptions.  Again we have tech to help us get rid of these interruptions.  Anybody who sends me an unsolicited email, gets a rule built in my email so their emails go straight into the dustbin.  With cold calls, standard iOS13 functionality means that calls all go straight to voicemail.  I never have to take a cold call again and neither do you!

Just think we all can all cut out these ridiculous interruptions!

So there we have it, the current state of digital marketing.

It's gone completely up its own backside.  And I'm being polite.

In fact all forms of interrupt marketing, just don't work anymore.

So marketing have a great idea.  Let's take all that content that nobody wants to read and push it out through our employee social profiles.


This is corporate spam!

Want the most efficient and cheapest demand generation process?

Empower your employees to be on social.  Train them to talk in an authentic voice.  Get them to share content, that inspires, educates and tells me something I don't know.

You will get leads.

You will get meetings.

If your salesforce is any good you will get additional revenue!

You will be able to reduce the cost of your recruitment.

You will be able to get to the best industry talent before everybody else does.

You will be able to retain the talent you have.

You will get access to the best suppliers as more and more people will want to do business with you.

One slight catch .... I suggest you get outside help with this, but I'm biased.