As buyers we won't put up with any digital intrusions anymore.  

Advertising, cold calling, emails, we ignore it or deploy technology to block it (ad blockers, or standard iphone technology) or we use legislation (GDPR, CPAA) to block it.

This switch, from "interrupt" and "broadcast" sales and marketing to "permission" and "insight" is defining the outliers (those companies that stand out) in sales and marketing today.

Here's an example ...

This week, I was in Barcelona.  To start my presentation I always ask the audience to stand up.  Then I say, sit down if you can remember an advert you have seen in the last 24 hours.  Nobody sits down.

I do this, conference after conference.  Nobody ever sits down.

The average person is hit with 1,000 interrupt messages every day, "buy my crap" people scream, on adverts, on emails and on cold calls.  And what do we do?

We filter it all out and we block it.

We don't have time for it and as savvy buyers, we know if we ever wanted to buy this stuff, we just go on-line and search for it.  We find content on social media and read it.  We build relationships with "experts" who we love and trust and we buy from them.

We've all been ripped off by manipulative sales people.  We have also all brought from sales people, we know and trust.  We have also all bought from sales people who are in the conversation, they give us insight, they educate us and they help and guide us.

Any "informed purchase" from a BMW car to an outsourcing deal, will be purchased from people that we have a relationship with, NOT from people that have interrupted us and tried to manipulate us!

This is the logic of competition today.

You want to be competitive  You want to stand out?  You want to sell more?  You want to sell biggest deals?

Stop interrupting people!

People are looking for insight, education, tell me something I don't know.  They are looking for content (on social), they don't want somebody's "buy my shit" "we are number one" "we are market leading" "we are award winning" crappy marketing message interrupting their day.  However it's delivered.

Interrupt and broadcast marketing is dead .... Marketing and sales has changed, you too have to change the way you do your marketing and sales.