I'm not wanting to get into the Election or 'Brexshit' debate, god knows we're all weary and in need of a resolution.

However a day doesn't go by when we come across numerous articles and news stories stating how the electorate is being influenced by fake ads, fake news, and fake stories on social networks.

Just a quick look at your social feed tells you it's somewhat of a passionate subject amongst your peer group, friends and family.

All over the country, voters, reporters and other observers have been going through something of an awakening about the extent that political parties are using social media to target us.

In a post-Cambridge Analytica-scandal world there's suspicion about how we might be being manipulated.

I'm raising this short blog on the basis that for some reason brands and businesses still think that 'Social media' is still a place to either 'advertise and promote' what they sell, or still perceive it as place to post pictures of your cat, or worse still the latest award win for having the 'Best Sticky Tape in 2019'.

Yet, there is now sufficient proof to support the 'storytelling' movement that many political parties are adopting in order to attempt to 'sway' the voter one way or another.

Think about it, if this didn't work why are every political party in every country in the world using 'social' as a platform to reach the electorate?