Great article on how to recruit talent into your company, as well as how to recruit a diverse set of people into your business.

The problem with the article is that it comes from a world 5 years ago where they talk about advertising and recruitment consultants.

The problem is that the best talent is in work and happy.  These people will not be taking calls from recruiters and they will not be looking at job ads.

You will find good talent looking at job ads and talking to recruiters, but you have to move quickly. 

So how do you find the best talent and get it ahead of your competition?

Social Media.

All your staff are on social media and you empower these people to talk on social media, about your business.  Not as an advert, but in an insightful, educational and authentic way.

This means that when people are not looking for work, they will notice that your company looks interesting to work for.  They might even apply directly to you.  Cutting out the need and cost of adverts and recruitment consultants.

Your employees network will also notice your business and refer colleagues who might be interested.

It will also activate your alumni network to refer people.

We have also found that when it comes to social networks people will be different, on LinkedIn for example, they will like or share a post related to a job.  Where as, on Facebook they will just a job to a friend, directly, one-to-one.

Want to get the best talent, the most diverse talent, social media and your employees are the answer, not adverts and recruiters.