To quote this article 

"Gideon Spanier, global head of media at Campaign, writes on the changing face of the advertising industry, with a new book published by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, detailing how technology and globalisation have caused the sector to move "from dazzling art form to dreary science". He notes that “poor creative work, intrusive targeting and excessive ad frequency online, not to mention election rigging, fakery and unaccountable algorithms” are all negative aspects of the present advertising space"

He's correct, as a buyer, there is nothing I hate more than adverts, which is why, as buyers we filter them out.

We do this with technology, such as ad-blockers, whose growth is something like 30% year on year.  We fast forward through ads on the TV.  We do it through our minds.  If you read a magazine or newspaper do you really look at the ads.  No, we just turn the pages.  Measurements such as "eye-balls" are irrelevant as nobody is watching advertising.

It is interesting that this article points out that the spend on advertising is increasing.  This is disingenuous, as while ad spend is increasing, it's because it doesn't work.

More and more brands are now admitting to us that they have to increase spend to try and get the same result of a few years ago.  While in fact, all "interruption" marketing, such as advertising, email marketing and cold calling, the spend is going up as people just ignore this stuff.

We have GDPR here in Europe, which has cut the email marketing deluge we used to have and even the latest version of iOS for the iPhone blocks cold callers.

I'm not sure when the advertising copy "sausage machine" was installed but all ad copy seems to be the same.  We are the best, we are number one, we are market leader ..... dreary, dreary, dreary.

Of course nobody believes it and all you competition say the same, so you have this race to the bottom.  Then of course, we just ignore it ....

But it's time to start a movement to be ad free!

It's nearly the second decade of the 22nd century and it's time to stop interrupting us and start talking and listening to your clients.

It's time to stop all the 1930s marketing through advertising and actually go where your clients are ..... on social.

My partner, buys Gap Jeans, she loves Gap, would love to have a "relationship" with Gap.  But all Gap wants to do is interrupt her with emails.

We have the technology and the momentum is with us, come and join the campaign to be ad free!