Things have moved on in sales.

Cold calling has a number of problems, it's slow, it's inefficient and it's ineffective.  Somebody recently said to me it was a "killer app", The thing is that it is literally killing companies with its inefficiency. 

Cold calling is fine selling low level transactional products, where the deal size is small and it does not need much sign off.  A great example is sports tickets, somebody calls you, you make the decision there and then and give the person your credit card.  Classic transactional sale.

If you are selling Enterprise and Business to Business then the world has changed massively.

First, we know that our clients are already searching for products online.  Sign up for a free copy of Bambora and they will show you Intent data, it's an eye opener.

We also know that buyer teams are now bigger.  So how you going to connect with people right across the account?

To sell B2B Enterprise, the last thing you need is a transactional relationship.  Let's not forget that when it come to voting for the level of spend you want, transactional relationships are no good.  You may or may not have time to meet all the decision makers but certainly calling them all does not scale.

Buyers are looking for experts, you can demonstrate this through social media.  You can build relationships across accounts, not just one person but multiple people by using social media.  You can influence those people across social media.

This does not "take a long time" you can do this quicker than cold calling.  Social media allows you to get higher, faster than the "spray and pray" inefficiencies of cold calling.

You want to create more revenue, you need to get a social selling methodology.  Not some tactical, let's try it out and see what happens.  A clear methodology.

Our program allows you to increase revenues by 30% and reduce sales cycles by 40%.  It's repeatable and it's predictable.  But it is not people "playing" on social, it's a process.  You do this, you do this, you get this result.

It is also not "knowledge transfer" training.  We training people not on facts, but on the mindset change and the habit change you need to be successful.

It's time to re-organise your sales team to get the revenue growth you need.