This is a 5 minute read, it's aimed at HR professionals and the C-Suite.

In every organisation, right now, there are individuals who get digital transformation.

 They do so because they are the very people who are digitally disrupting the status quo simply by how they live and work. I call them “digital change agents” and they are largely untapped resources in understanding and leading progression. 

Change agents are more than passionate about all things digital. They see first-hand how digital is creating challenges and opportunities in their efforts and for the organisation at large. 

But they are often not recognized or empowered. And, they’re strewn across the organisation, operating disparately and, in many cases, without official sanction to make cross-functional or enterprise-wide headway. 

In their own way, limited to the extent of their roles and local influence, they are investing in frontline efforts to improve or overhaul efforts to more effectively compete and shine. But, they believe they can do more to help. They just need recognition, engagement and license.

The following might sound familiar to you, particularly if you've ever responded to a job advert, or been contacted by a 'Headhunter' about a 'great opportunity'?

Buzz word alert:

The company is; 



Cutting Edge

Forward Thinking


And the best one is 'unique' WTF!

Most of these buzzwords are designed like most adverts in order to draw you in. 

So like all good headlines you think "Wow, that sounds interesting, something I can relate to" so you reply and if lucky (it does seem like a lottery doesn't it) get screened by either the agency, or HR.

Well, to be honest we know it's always the recruitment agency so they can select people based on the job specification provided to them by HR, who are always too busy to sift through the masses of responses.

You get past the first major hurdle, which is the agency hasn't ignored you and want a 'screening call' first, they're looking to not only determine what your CV says is true, but also, wait for it, wait...........drum roll...........and!

"To see if you would be a great cultural fit with the team", they feel qualified to do this because the recruitment agency have worked with this HR person before so they really think that YOU will be a great fit.

Really, I mean really?

How accurate is your recruitment advert Mr/Mrs Brand, what do other people say about you, what social references are out there that support these statements, just where exactly is you, and your company's social proof?.

{Fill in your own reality here}

Today any company even thinking about doing business with you will have already done their own due diligence, not only on the company, but also it's employees, and its mainly done via social media. 

So why do you think that any potential employee isn't doing the same DD on your company, it's current and previous employees?

Does your social footprint really live up to those wild claims you placed in the headline, does your culture resonate the way you want it to, are your current employees truly engaged great amazing advocates and ambassadors of your brand?

The days have gone when a customer who complains deals directly with the company, the company invariably got their own way and that was the end of that, the days are gone when disgruntled employees just bitch and moan to those closest to them. 

In today's socially connected world they can tell whomever they want, where they want, and as often as they want, and you can't control it.

But you can influence it....

Human resource is one of the most valuable assets any company invests in, no amount of financial investment, technology, or brilliant strategy will overcome a shit people culture.

Today's world requires a radical rethink of the role of HR in building a brand, and that starts with how your attract, retain and grow great talent.

Today HR is more than just for recruiting or firing people, it's more than just the 'go to' department when the shit hits the fan, it's more than just the department that the C-Suite simply 'advise' on the business strategy and direction. HR needs to partner with senior leaders and effectively communicate with all levels of the organisation to ensure any concerns are addressed immediately before they become widespread issues. It has to ensure senior leaders and all employees are aligned on the strategy and purpose of the organisation.

Watch this space to find out how we're working with HR teams around the world to provide certified and industry recognised accreditation for the 'business' use of Social Media, along with how it can provide huge gains and positive impact for brands and companies.

If you would like to find out more, feel free to drop me a note, I'd love to talk to you.