Think about how much work has changed ... the internet, social media and mobile has changed everything.

I've just come back from holiday in Canada with a 23 year old and a 27 year old and the internet is the answer to everything.  It's the place where they start every search.  Or faced with a challenge, it's where they go to get answers.

We (of course) booked the holiday over the internet, we found Bed and Breakfasts and AirBnBs through search looked them up on Tripadvisor.

Of course, that is business to consumer (B2C) and what has that got to do with me in Business to Business (B2B)?  Now here's a thing!  We take that B2C attitude into work with us.

I'm presenting to the Board of one of our resellers / partners today and I've looked them all up on Social.  This won't surprise you.

Somebody calls you, you look them up.

You are told that you have an implementation team, you look them up.

We judge people by how they look online.

This B2C attitude is changing how we work.  Whereas once we thought "knowledge is power", now "sharing is power".  The people we like and the people we want to work with are those that share and support us.

Let's take this access to an infinite amount of information online (internally and externally) and our ability to share at zero friction (on social media) and you have a formidable business.

Add to this an activated workforce that is trained and enabled in the ways of the world on social and your business has amazing relevance and (probably) infinite reach in the new world order.

To quote Simon Kemp's Digital 2019 - Q3 Global Digital Snapshot.

"The number of people around the world using social media grew by more than a quarter of a billion over the past twelve months, to reach the 3.5 billion milestone by July 2019. More than 46 percent of the world’s total population now uses social media, but if we focus on ‘eligible audiences’ – people aged 13 and above – the penetration rate increases to 59 percent, with the latest trends suggesting that it will pass 60 percent within the next few months."

You staff already know about social, but just need to be activated to understand how to do it in a business context.  It's not like an SAP or Oracle implementation where you have to train people on a new system.  You team already use social, they are already trained.

In fact, they want to do this and are waiting for you to implement social transformation.  Let's be honest here, they actually cannot understand why you haven't introduced it already.

The wisdom work is here, all you have to do is activate them and this will , strip out cost, drive efficiency and effectiveness.