Good article by my friend and x punk drummer D. Fish.

What we are seeing since 2018 is a massive shift from the old world to the new world of social.

Sales leaders are telling us that they are only recruiting sales people that are social which means that:-

1. You need a buyer centric Linkedin summary title.

2.  Your summary needs to be a "why" about you not an old fashioned sales pitched.

3.  A SSI of 70 or above.

4. To have written at least 5 blogs in the last 3 months.

5. To have at least 7 endorsements from customers (not mates) in the last last 6 months.

6. To be sharing content which is NOT corporate crap, but content that shows you understand the business issues and context of your clients.

The same goes for marketers, we are now seeing "old world" CMOs being fired.

Sorry, but it's now a social world!