In the approach to Christmas in one of the Facebook groups on social media, I'm a member of, somebody asked a question "what will be the social network of 2019?"

The answers were "interesting", my answer of course was LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has always been the place of B2B and the Enterprise (which is where we focus and work).

There are of course lot's of other great networks, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  But the world of B2B and commerce are on LinkedIn.

There has also been a lot of great changes, partly driven by the Microsoft take over.  LinkedIn has grown up, no longer the start up, they are taking its development seriously.  Now developing such a large "animal" like LinkedIn takes time, but look at some of the new privacy settings, the integration with Microsoft Dynamics and the Microsoft product portfolio.  As well as the developments in sales navigator, still the best social selling tool out there.  Apart from of course, passle, which is what I'm using to write this. :)

By the way, if you think Sales Navigator is crap it's because you are not trained on it properly!