As at a customer Christmas drinks the other night and got talking to a CIO (Chief Information Officer) the subject turned to LinkedIn and he said he used the "No Asshole" rule or the "No Arsehole" rule as we would say in the UK.  Let me explain. 

This CIO had a number of connection requests and the ones he decided to accept he ran what he called "the no Asshole rule" over them.  His view was that he needed to like somebody to connect with.  This does not mean he is looking for "yes men" but people he and the team can get on with.

He will do this by looking at your LinkedIn profile.

If your Linkedin profile has a generic job title, the summary contains a list of all the products you sell, I'm sorry to say, you look like everybody else and he is highly likely not to accept your connection request or advance.  In other words he thinks you look like an Asshole (or arsehole for my Fellow Brits).

The second thing he is looking for is relevance.  Now this isn't relevance as to how amazing your product is, this is relevance to him.  His industry, his current business issues, relevance as a CIO.  Oh and spelling his name right also helps.

There you go the secret to getting through to a CIO.