I was speaking at a Martech conference this week and 50% of the audience was business to consumer (B2C), while I work in the world of business to business (B2B).

One person asked a question and you could hear the disdain in his voice, "I guess you use LinkedIn?" was his question.  I could see the other B2C people sniggering and whispering to each other "that isn't really social media", "those poor, white, male and stale things".  Of course we know that "real" social media is Snapchat and Insta' ..... or is it?

I relayed stories of people doing $1 million deals from social media through social selling.  Of course B2C is different.  They could never do that.  More fool them!

But what it shows is that B2B is leading the world.  Pretty much everybody who works in a "professional" role in the western world is on social.  LinkedIn or Microsoft as it is now is seeing engagement levels up and the amount of content being posted is growing 50% year-on-year.

If you are are in B2B and in sales and marketing your next deal is on social media and probably your next job.  If you are in B2C maybe your next job is on linkedin?