I recently heard about a company whose sales strategy is that they will "touch a prospect 6 to 8 times" and this is the amazing, new, strategy!

You might be thinking I heard this via the fax! :)

Here we are in the 21st century and I'm amazed that people are still thinking like this.

This Salesforce article is 3 years old, which is good as it points out a number of things that were business as usual (BaU) three years ago.

The world has changed.

We are immune to corporate advertising, ad-blocker growth is 30% year on year.  GDPR killed the unsolicited email.  There is a whole $Billion industry that has grown up on "open rates".  Which just proves that the email marketing industry now has to manipulate just for me to open an email.  Of course, opening an email does not mean I will buy anything.  One of the great uses of AI is to make sure that spam goes straight into the spam box.  Or in my case, if anything gets though I create a rule manually.

Events have turned into sales pitches, nobody goes, so they end up in a downward spiral of free speakers, pitching products.

Cold calling has died.  And after all why would you advertise the fact that your company has no leads or meetings.  Or why would you be cold calling.  It's the sign of a desperate company that has run out of ideas.

So with no advertising, no emails, no cold calling, no events, you are really going to "touch" the new sophisticated buyer 6 times?  How exactly?