We generate c. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day. I don't even know what a quintillion is, but  I imagine it to be a lot. An awful lot. I am reading Predictive Analytics by Eric Siegel, as this is the world which we now live, and there is no escaping it. It's a fascinating read. I recommend it if you want to understand how much we are influenced by data -whether we like it our not. 

Matt Meckes shared this article with me, based on a conversation we had around how can B2B get a grip on its data, and then start to leverage AI to move into a world where we can start to predict a prospect's next move, when will that RFP land on your desk and more.

Here we have a gobal rock band using big data to design their sets - city by city. Content, whatever form it takes has always been about delighting the customer. Back to the days of  cave paintings, hieroglyphics, The Bayeux Tapestry, Mozart, The Renaissance, Shakespeare, Rock n Roll, Dance, Rock Music - the list is almost endless. One common theme though, the content that delights the audience, we come back for more. We buy tickets to see the plays, the Vinyl, the CD, pay to go and see a film or a concert, subscribe to a streaming service such as Spotify. 

So what has this got to do with anything? For those of you that follow me will know that I am passionate about Intent Data, this is where the gold is hidden, if you can get to it. Rather than Metallica making assumptions about what hits the audience wants to listen to, they let the audience tell them through their intent signalled by what they are listening to on Spotify.

The same principles can apply in a business to business context. You have a website - who is visiting it, when are they visiting it, how often are they visiting it, what pages are they visiting. This will signal some form of intent. I guarantee that if a business is thinking about sending out an tender, they will be researching which companies to consider. They will be looking at all forms of content - if a) they can find it b) it is engaging. If you also engage with social listening you can glean even more insight into what your audience (target market) is thinking.

From understanding this, you can then start to create unique set lists which you know your audience will want to listen to, to the point where they will be shouting for you to play your encore.