The growth of social Media is a modern phenomenon it's now used by all aspects of your business; Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Customer Service, PR, Supply Chain, you name it, the department uses it.

Roughly 300 million people came online in the twelve months to July 2018, equating to an average of almost 10 new users every second.

And I'm not just talking Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, I'm talking about internal social as well.  Such as Glip, Yammer, Chatter and we use Slack.

Why have people taken this up?  Well it's SOCIAL media, humans are by our very nature social.  Think how many clubs, Unions, Committees etc people are members of.  Ever since the beginning of time we have got together and exchanged ideas.

Marketing has backed itself into a corner, nobody looks at your website (they are on social media), nobody looks at advertising (they are on social media) and GDPR has pretty much killed email marketing and cold calling.

The only thing a company has to differentiate itself is the employees.  So rather than standing on the top of your building and shouting how great you are (which is the same as every other company) you employees do this for you.  But, and here's the trick, if you get them to be a corporate mouth piece, nobody will care.  If you get them to talk in their own voice, their friends and network will amplify and share their message.

Let's go back to the social business.

The fact that your business uses social through the business, but it does this tactically.  Isn't it time that the C-Suite (Board) started to look at social strategically.  I said strategically.  I'm not saying put the CEO on a Twitter course.  I'm suggesting the board (C_Suite) understand strategically the business case and the competitive advantage that can be gained but driving social strategically.  With incremental revenue gains of 30%, it is the gains of heroes!.

Obviously, we can help you with that, in fact we are the only company (with our global partner network) in the world that can help you with that.