Digital transformation can mean many things to many people, in this recent Capgemini research it would seem that we are no further forward than we were in 2012.  Or maybe we have just realised that things are not as easy as it seems, we often see people that want to digitally transform and some of the scary attitudes we meet are:-

1.  We (senior executives) don't need to understand digital, we have employed an intern to do it.

2.  Where digital is seen as a system replacement, where IT systems are moved to cloud.

3.  Companies that are not investing in their people or process.

4.  Expecting that a Tool will change things.

5. The "tick box" mentality.  Often we get people say "my boss has asked me to do this".

6.  People actually choosing a project that will fail, because they are too scared to talk to the management at what is needed.

7.  Salespeople asking why the company didn't undertake change 18 months ago.

8. People thinking that the change is "a chocolate with a different wrapper".

9.  Listening to vested interests or chasing the latest and greatest.

10. Or just being totally unaware that everything has changed.  Often this manifests itself, where people agree that things change and go back to their desks and do exactly the same thing they have done for the last 20 years.

It's difficult to step back from the business and also difficult within our own business to translate market change to our our field and vertical.  Sometimes you need to take a third party view to give you an outside in view on your business as well as to explain and have some difficult conversations with your management and C-Suite.