You must, must, must be getting an Return on Investment (ROI) from Social Media, it a fundamental measure that people should and can get.

First of all from a tool prospective, Microsoft Social Engagement (MSE), which is part of Dynamics 365 provides such a tool for Dynamics users and for most people this is included with the licence you pay for Dynamics.  MSE provides each salesperson with a social media listening feature that listens for "Intent data" and this can then "drop" into the CRM.  Enabling a full lifecycle of social to revenue.

If you don't use Dynamics then there are other tools, such as Brandwatch or good practice like having a campaign code that sales people can then add to the CRM when they get a lead from social.

The issue that we see is that, actually, there is no lead generation taking place on social.  People post and pray.  Social is treated like mailshots, email blasts were treated in the past.  If we throw enough at social, something will happen surely?  It won't.

Social is the best lead generation engine that marketers have today as long as you treat it like that, have a clear strategy and plan.

Take DLA, there are 12 of us and we create and post a unique piece of content everyday.  Add to that these Passle's and we do two pieces of content.  People find our content as part of their due diligence and we get three pieces of inbound, every day.  And, as we always say, if you are not getting inbound from Social, then you are doing it wrong.

A good place to start is my book "Social Selling - Influencing Buyers and Changemakers" which is available on Amazon worldwide.

As Gary Vee always says, there's the answer, but 95% of you wont do it.