Nice article but still a "why" and not a "how" and then it dives in to "management consulting" speak or dives down even further into to tech.  Digital Transformation is not about system change.  It can be, but that is just a small part of the grand scheme.

There are so many articles on Digital Transformation, why this and why that .... and I, maybe you do too, scream this is all very well but how?

First you need a strategy, something that all the leadership buy into and can lead from the front.  We have spoken to organisations who say "we don't need to understand digital, we have interns that do that".  Fail.

It is during this strategy session that you agree, the road map, priority, barriers, impact on the business, what's the vision?  Some organisation change the operating model, some decide on an incubator approach, some decide on a separate organisation.  All of this needs to be debated.  And while IT is important.  You success is dependant on people and your process.

Do you have the right talent, do you build or buy?

You also need a clear actionable list of challenges and barriers which will need to be overcome to successfully implement within the organisation, such as:

•   skills gaps

•   regulatory issues

•   HR policies

•   software and technical

•   governance concerns

•   safety

All done with simple language that everybody can buy into and understand.

I wonder who can help you with that? ;)