Often in the world of social people think it's all about social selling, and in fact just transforming sales to social is just another "random act of social".  Social can be used throughout the organisation and Human Resources (HR) is a great place to start.

In fact it could completely flip your talent acquisition process and talent management process.  Increasing efficiency and reducing cost, a classic more for less situation.

Many people think we are a "social selling company" but in fact out goal is to transform all companies and all departments in the world to using social.  And one of the first jobs we were involved in was helping a top 10 lawyers move their HR team to social.

What do we mean?

Most people think of HR as posting jobs, which in many cases nobody reads.  What if you could attract talent?  So rather than pushing out job ads, people contacted you asking for a job?

In the workshop we had all kinds of excuses why people didn't apply for jobs.  The website was rubbish, etc etc.

So we pointed out, Apple, Google, Facebook all have something in common.  People want to work there and could have the worst website in the world, but you would still use it as you want to work there.

So similar to this article the company is activating the employees and social media to make the recruitment process from push to pull.

I should point out that this vendor (in this article) is making the classic mistakes and that ROI figures could be much, much higher.