On the day after Mark Zuckerberg testified on Capitol Hill in the US, there seems to be a global change taking place about the way we treat data.

If we go back to 2002, the Sarbanes-Oxley act was implemented in the US.  It is US legislation, so if like me you live outside the US you don't have to comply.  Or do I?  The US basically said, if you want to do business in the US wherever you are in the world, this is the standard we expect you to meet.  In fact, everybody agreed, apart from vested interest.  So while Sarbanes-Oxley is US legislation, the world complies.

It certainly looks like GDPR will go this way.

If you are based in Europe, sell into Europe or have European employees, wherever you are in the world, you have to comply.  But with the outrage that seems to be taking place over Facebook it looks like we all agree that we need to treat data the way we would like it to be treated ourselves.

Of course, there will be vested interests that disagree and spread FUN.  So while all those people go and get jobs elsewhere, the rest of us know that data is something we want people to be responsible with.

I would go so far (and I have in other blogs) if people vocalise anything other than total responsibility with data, then the company they work for will know this is unacceptable and will start firing people.  We all know it's unacceptable and the C-Suite need to get to grips with this concept and cascade to the employees.