There are a long list of disruptive technologies and applications, which were started by a disruptive business rather than the owners of that business.  Uber and Airbnb were not started by taxi firms or hoteliers.  The only exception I know to this is the Kindle which Amazon started the development of, once they had become the number one book seller.  Amazon was clever enough to know that somebody needed to create such a platform and it might as well be them.

If we look at many corporate structures, there just isn't the innovation culture.  People are not empowered to speak out and challenge with fresh thinking.  Look at Kodak, Myspace and Nokia.

In my world of social media, while there are now clear ROI examples, greater efficiency and greater effectiveness of running the whole of your business (not just Sales) on social.  We still see people sticking with the old legacy ways.  Similar to how people argued that horses and carts were "better" than automobiles.

So what can we do?

Nelson Mandela said “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation”

Now is the time to rise up and grasp the transformation for ourselves.  Regardless if we are in sales, marketing, procurement, customer service, supply chain .. we need to stop talking about it and do it!