Blockchain is one of those terms that everybody seems to want to talk about and be associated with.

Here at DLA we know something about it as we have a client who is "famous" for it, we would like to think based on the work we have done for them on social media.  Writing content, building their profiles and connecting with influencers.  All in a days work for DLA.

The thing about disruption is it's new.  Take Facebook, Twitter etc, these are all uses for the internet that we never thought about 10 years ago.  All enabled via mobile.

The problem with Blockchain in marketing is, it's a solution looking for a problem.  The solutions are all using Blockchain to deliver old fashioned things.  Like advertising.  Advertising is so last century and nobody looks at ads anymore .... the fact that somebody has created an application to annoy / broadcast / interrupt people based on 20th Century principles is bizarre to say the least.

I'm sure people will think about something truly disruptive and I look forward to it.  Something that will make a difference using 21st century thinking, until that day!