We just finished series 4 of Stranger Things last night, the amazing show where there is an alternative ‘here’, the same buildings and landscape but in another dimension.

This is the same as our industries.

There is the analogue version that we all know and have worked in for years and there is the digital version which is growing every day.

Back in the old days, the earl settlers found land that already existed and staked their claim….”this pin marks my land”.

The explorers who claimed mountains by planting flags at the top were climbing something that already existed…

The land and the mountains were there before, it just took someone brave and adventurous enough to go there and claim them.

Many organisations are stuck in the analogue version of their industries, some have found the portal and have looked through but daren’t go in …some have already staked their claim and are building.

Those that have staked their claim in the Digital version of their industry are on their way to becoming the leading Technical and Commercial Digital Influencers in their sector.

They have placed down a marker and are centering their industry around them.

Here is a simple question:

Who runs the leading live stream show about your industry, in your industry?

A show which is all about them, their suppliers, industry news, the partnerships, new technology, their employees….building a huge digital community around them….

...creating the Digital Centre of the industry…?

Everyone joining with them and not their competitors.

Many believe Social Media is about 'Hashtag' this and 'Impressions' that, others will try to convince you that its all about a simple 'profile review' or ‘make a video’ and your commercial life will magically improve…

Its never been about that….its about creating the Digital centre of your industry.

The access portal? Well, that through Strategic Social Media.

So grab your flag and lets go, its time to stake your claim…?

How do we get there?

...that's going to take more time to explain...

Live Social '22

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