Prospecting - Digital First ✅

Closing is what we do when we have been through the funnel, ticked all the stages off, dealt with objections and we are ready to sign and develop a business relationship.

This cannot be done without finding the right prospects and continuously finding the right people who will be part of that journey through the funnel.

Being on social media is not about brand awareness or a corporate video, or call me now for this amazing offer.

It is about using your profile as an fully optimised weapon to engage people with insights and content, to discuss with other on a situation or challenge in sector or discipline, and it is to build and grow a trusted network that understands what you do, why you do it and who you are as a human.

🟦 Your content should be personalized to those who you wish to engage with and have conversations. Not selling but giving insight into X or Y in your marketplace that help them and give them an answer to Z.

🟦 You should continually offer value, giving back and adding your insights into other feeds and discussion areas where your targets hang out. This could be better than your own content, and vital in this two-way interaction that the platform is built for.

🟦 Targeting the right people. We know that the buying team consists of around 10+ people in it. Are you making the best use of content for your target persona.

🟦 Build a trusted network every day, every week and every month so that more eyes can be on your profile and you can give that value back to more people also.

🟦 Keep improving and keep showing up. The more you give, the more you will get. Dropping in once a week is not going to cut it. Strategy in what you do will prevail. You are not playing on social and looking for vanity metrics. You and your team should aim to dominate a space that is there for the taking.

Once the above has been coached, and becomes part of your daily routine, your habits and behaviours will change and the idle time you spent out of the office, will be utilized better as you sit at your home or office desk 24/7 and whenever you want, as social never closes.

✅ Conversations happening. Invite only. No disturbing.

✅ 756million people and growing.

Can you afford not to have a strategic digital and social presence❓

Happy to give back, if you want to know how YOU get there.

Have a great week.

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