So, yesterday I shared the latest Quocirca Data into the MPS market.

The insights look to have forced the industry to rethink its approach.

Clients and buyers are perhaps looking for more than just the traditional photocopier now, and are looking at how suppliers in the MPS sector can support the organisation's digital transformation initiatives all while reducing cost, minimising risk and boosting sustainability.

 More demands are being put on suppliers to offer a wider range of services, across IT and hybrid options. Print infrastructure in the cloud will continue to be driven, providing the cost efficiencies businesses are looking for, thus reducing the IT burden.


"COVID has brought a tired industry in full focus to change the landscape of the MPS sector with hybrid/digital options."


So as an SME who lives and breathes managed print, and photocopiers and workflow solutions is your niche, how do you remain current and stay in focus?

THE MPS sector is a crowded market. Large corporates and the SME resellers.

If you are in the the business of printers, copiers, service, delivery, customers and loyalty are your thing, then if your buyers have changed the landscape and motion of what they want, you as a business and employees must transform and go where they are, and not where they used to be, while adapting to the hybrid, working from home post-COVID model the new future of work will look like.

Strategic Social Media aligned with Social Selling & Influence Strategy can transform your employees and your business, and once you are on this path, your business can go from the old analogue ways, fully into digital mode. Thus giving your prospects and clients all the influence and insight they need to know where to go as digital picks up pace and answers and challenges are met.

 With this full understanding of where you need to be, your business will be front and centre for the social organisation you have now become.


 So how do we do that?

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You will have heard about social selling, or digital selling or virtual selling by now, but you will still be none the wiser.

From my time in the MPS sector to where I sit now, the whole mindset and process for me have changed.

  • Prospecting.
  • Content Writing & Insight.
  • Multi-thread networking.
  • Conversations with people and building relationships.

 All underpinned by a social selling strategy that moves the goalposts from the old methods of sales, front and centre into how a social organisation looks at this framework.

  • No more calls.
  • No more emails.
  • No more pitching and spamming and automated junk.
  • No more marketing campaigns that don't hit the mark.

What we do is not new. It is not just happened overnight in reaction to COVID and the pandemic, the process has been changing for over 7+ years, but like a lot of other businesses and employees, if you do not need to see it, you will never know.

But, what we do is proven, backed up by data and insight, results orientated and fully framed with strategy.

 No short course, no 30 days masterclass, no workshop.

 A full digital transformation programme that takes your business into the future of b2b interactions that are the here and now.

The GARTNER Future of Sales in B2B article is here. Grab a coffee and have a read after this.

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 So… Social Transformation. What can we expect?

  • Strategic business and employee analysis
  • Strategic mapping of the message to market
  • Full digital optimisation of profiles (buyer-centric)
  • Content creation insight and support
  • Multi-threading at scale
  • Multi-channel strategic social media alignment
  • Full data, tracking and analysis of pipeline
  • B2B interactions and conversations online
  • Digital Dominance


More conversations, more trust, more relationships.

This programme works across sales, marketing, operations, technical finance, HR, and CEO.

  • Sales - More personalised social content and conversations, strategic prospecting
  • HR - Human-centric engagement that can lead new recruits to a social org.
  • Marketing - Collaborative approach with teams to buyer-centric insights and content
  • Tech/Ops - Insights and information that shows us you and your expertise.
  • C-Suite - Leadership across the team, empowered as a social org through trust and influence.


All working the same way, with the same message, all for the goal of being a social organisation that share the business and a mix of personal insights, from the people for the people, authentic, human and trust being played out daily, with purpose and good intention. Relationship building.

 All by moving your team online, and front and centre.

 You cannot keep swimming in the same old lanes. I was doing that 10+ years ago.

Stand up as a business and empower your team to go social.

Dominate your sector, write content, have conversations that are akin to how you would want to have them.

 The best time to become a social organisation is today.

 Ask me anything. I have been in that lane and sector. Plenty of room on social.


Be you. Be social.