"A realization is the act of becoming completely aware of something"

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"A realization is a gradual or sudden understanding or comprehension of something"


 Midway through January already and I am seeing more and more good news about the new social way of working and interacting differently from before.


It is a breath of fresh air to be able to learn, listen and create your own path with your profile and personal brand on Linkedin.

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This should be the first stage of your journey on changing the way you look at things and changing the perception of how others view your profile and find out about you.


Your profile on Linkedin is not your CV (many get confused by this).

It is your window to explain and tell others your story and your journey to how you got where you are today, what you are, who you are and why you do what you do.

 You should have all your information on there:

Contact info

Career journey and story

Personalized URL

Links to websites and other platforms

Content and blogs that you are writing (we can get to that)

Recommendations were given and received

Education and Learning completed


 Essentially. Take your About section and tell us where it all began and how you got here.

 Then journey back through where you started and tell it like a story.

Each career move should always have a reason or story behind a change of direction.

It shouldn't matter what it is. It's your story.


My profile tells of my time on the roofs and before that hustling at the local golf club booking times and getting paid to book my own time also. Sales already???


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The above is all part of the first stage that would give you the feeling and understanding that this page is about me and my own personal story.

With a bit of luck, this should only be you. No one else has this story. You are unique.

 Oh and before I forget. HEADLINE.


Look at my one. Then search for others on here that are the same as me.

Then have a think about your headline and search again.

Then change it if you want to stand out.


 This is Stage 1 of the social journey. Or at least some of it and a start. There are many more.

 It is a journey and not a sprint or one-stop tip or masterclass.

 This is life long and part of your DNA and brand as you move on in your career life.

 Make it yours. Own it.


 Any question or just want a chat about ANYTHING. Then message me if you like.

Have a good day.

Kev 🧔

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