A term commonly used now in content and business process.

I wrote an article back in late 2016 👇


My point then was that when you plan something. You make sure you have all the right people, departments pulling in the same direction and managing the Cost Time and Resources available to make sure that everything within that timeline and plans are on schedule and going in the direction you want to start and finish a project on time and under or on budget.

Failing to do this, will only cause mayhem and misdirection which leads to an unhappy workforce, over-budget projects and in the end, delivered late and not what anyone or the client wanted.

I worked in Project Controls recruitment and understood the art of planning and risk by getting it right the first time. Communication, Champion, Interface and Control.

The planner had to have the departments trust and control the room when it came to plans.

The same rules apply now more than ever. Plans should form part of any business who are looking at projects, delivering process and operations and looking at the commercials.

It should be strategic in approach and cover all ground. With the main goals of everyone in the departments pulling towards one goal. Delivery, ROI and long term success in whatever you are doing. Clients happy, prospects are looking, a process in place, commercials intact, ROI approved.

Now, imagine putting such a plan into place on social which gave you a similar return.

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  • You have a product or service and you want to make sure you are in focus
  • You set up a team of personnel within the business to adopt and control the plans.
  • You track the progress of your social plan, making sure all are on the same page.
  • You can record milestones and data based on the effort and content going out.
  • You can see that you are on schedule with what is working and what needs changing
  • The team are connecting and building intrigue on social and your prospects base is growing
  • You have continued to keep on top of this with time, consistency and effort. Together.
  • The ROI is now in full motion and you now have a plan that works for you on social.
  • Repeat and continue this, with anyone social plan going forward. ROI, ROI.

All it takes is being yourself, understanding the effort required, making sure it's part of the business DNA and this leads to connections and prospects knowing you, your team and what you are about in business.

This will then lead to trust, and your prospects will have found you. You will be ahead of the pack when it comes to purchasing decisions.

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All it takes is a simple look at what you are doing right now, being honest as a business and person within that business and working out if what happened in 2020 can happen again in 2021.


If you need to look at options to improve and stand out from the crowd, then the answer is to be more social.

Yes, time and effort and long hard yards will be there. But what else can you do?

Continue the calls, continue the emails, continue the marketing that doesn't get a return.

If the answer is NO, then the answer is on social.

Speculate to accumulate. The budget should be used wisely. The facts are proven.

This platform used well and planned with strategic approach has proven results. FACT.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. The clue is in the title.

Happy Hunting.


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