Interesting article on how Covid19 has changed the jobs market.

This research talks about the need for 149M new jobs by 2025 and more importantly the need for people to be trained for those new digital roles.

With us driven online and a new digital literacy whether people wanted it or not, is driving innovation.  The venture capital market is still investing, they are just investing in the "new normal".

I tell the story about my 82 year old mother who runs her wine group on Zoom.  The group rebelled, but in the end they did it and even worked out a way to get the wine delivered to each house.  It been the same for Church, Scouts, Schools, Doctors ....

What Can We Learn From The iPhone?

The iPhone was launched on the 29th June 2007 and we have seen massive transformation in society. Social Media, the Arab Spring, the way we work and communicate.  I wonder what digital innovations will spin off from the changes that Covid19 has enforced on us, society and work.

One change will be the need to be digital and social, there is even talk about many pre-covid19 skills just not being required or not being relevant in the new normal.  

What skills did you add during the pandemic of 2020?

In this article, which is an interview with Mark Cuban he talks about the new question you will be asked in job interviews.

“The first question every interviewer is going to ask you is: ‘What did you learn during the pandemic of 2020? What skills did you add during the pandemic of 2020?‘” 

What Track Record Do You Have In Social Selling?

The question that will be asked of sales people will be

"What digital skills do you have?" "What track record do you have in social selling?"

Cold calling, email marketing are all skills that are being assigned to the dustbin.

(The only problem I have with the article is that Microsoft is training people skills that are of no use anymore, which is strange.)

What as a leader are you doing to invest in your team(s) to have the relevant social and digital skills they need now and they need in the new normal?

One day, the CFO was talking to Richard Branson and says, “What’s the point of paying so much to train our employees if they leave?”. Richard Branson said, “What happens if we don’t train them and they say?”