In the days before Covid19, when we could talk to people without social distancing.  For example, at a party.

Let's say you are standing by yourself and somebody comes over and starts talking about themselves. Or you are standing in a group and a person comes over, interrupts the conversation and starts talking about themselves.

They drone on and on about, who they work for, what the job entails, they then start talking about the products they sell, the vertical markets they work in and even the founders.

How long before you would stop them?

What would you do?  Would you walk away?  Be polite and try and change the subject?   Or realise your glass was empty and excuse yourself?

Do you think that person would be invited back?

I bet you would avoid them in the future!

If this person is deemed boring in society and somebody to be avoided, why is it OK that your website is exactly like this person?

You drone on and on about, "the company", "the products you sell", "the vertical markets you work in" and "even the founders".  Nothing about me, your prospective client.

I'm I hearing people saying "yes, but, yes, but, yes, but ... marketers have to market".  Really?

When was it that we lost the fact that marketing meant differentiation.  Being different from everybody else.  Why do marketers need to be the same as everybody else?

And surely in the second decade of 21st Century, we are better than just broadcasting to people, what we do?