Just been pointed out by our Accountant and Chairperson, Derek Blair, that UK Government furlough rules (we don't know about other countries) allows for furloughed staff to undertake online training, with no impact to the Government furlough payment. 

Please be aware that the DLA Ignite training is on-line and meets that criteria.

Why Train Furloughed Staff?

Training will give give furlough staff a sense of purpose and skill them ready for the "new normal", whenever that is. 

We all know that the world will be more digital whenever the restrictions are lifted, so why not show your employees that you love them, by giving the digital skills they need and we know they want?

This will allow your business to return to the "new normal" stronger, fitter and ready to do business in the new world. 

UK Government furlough guidelines here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/claim-for-wage-costs-through-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme

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