We all start "start-ups' with good intentions. We put our hearts, minds, money, pretty much everything into the dream. So when somebody’s dream comes to end it’s a sad day. 

It is against that backdrop that I read that Nudge had folded. 

I was an early user of Nudge and even interviewed the CEO for my podcast. 

The problem was, even with a very unscientific conversation yesterday with 5 people, none of us really understood what Nudge was about.

The idea as far as I was aware was - people you went for a meeting with “nudge” would search the internet and find relevant articles about the people and or company.

Isn’t that what’s Google for? I hear you ask.

Very true.

Reading this article, I'm not actually sure if that is what Nudge did, but reading this article, I'm not sure I understand any of it and I've worked in tech for 25 years.  Too often people become mixed up in the technology rather than KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Also, on the basis that a bunch of, have no idea what Nudge did, it does make you wonder about the marketing message they put out.  Could anybody understand it?  As I said before, based on this article and the website, I couldn't.

In the world of innovation, we always innovate based on what we have already.  The iKettle was just a kettle that can be controlled by an app, there is no real innovation or change to the way we boil water.

The same with the TV remote, the design of a TV remote hasn't changed for years.  Social media didn't really make an impact on the world until the iPhone was launched.  We needed that step in innovation before social media became the frictionless means of communication that it is now.

We wish everybody at Nudge all the best in their next venture.