This article is about a retail park that has been sold off to be a DC (distribution centre), so a warehouse.

It make sense.

First of all I must say that to the 21,000 people in retail who lost their jobs in 2019 in the UK, I am really sorry.  I do hope you find something, we are recruiting by the way.

Back to the story.

For so many things we now shop online, even, if you are like me and still buy physical music.  The role of the shop is not so relevant to the internet empowered consumer. 

Will the High Street be saved?  The UK Government has said that it will allocate £1 Billion to saving the High Street, so what does that mean to the out of town store?

The internet also means that we can build a relationship with the product ourselves.  In the past we needed a grocer to be the middle person, now we got straight to the product.  People are even buying crisps (chips in the US) and toilet roll this way.  So why go to the grocer?

Well the out of town store has great road connections, there is a large floor space, especially when you take into account the car park.

So is the replacement of the out of town retail store by a warehouse the future of retail?