With the introduction of the internet, social media and mobile, people are able to check you out on-line.  And they will judge you based on both your passive and active social activity.  Think about it, of course they do.

This could be prospects, customers, investors, suppliers, future employees, current employees.  Social Media is after all, a frictionless means of communication.  We choose to be there because it's so easy to use!

What do I mean by that?

To call you up, I need to know a telephone number and go through the process of calling you.  Chances are you are not in.  The whole process is a pain in the arse.

Social Media is frictionless, I can look at your social media profiles any time of the day or night, whatever time zone and send you a message.  More importantly, I will look at your profile and jump to a conclusion.

Your passive and active social profiles, which is your shop window to the world will enable me to "judge" you.

Are you a great leader?

Are you a company I would work for?

Are you a company I would like to work for?

Are you a company I would like to invest in?

Would I buy from you?

Would I sell to you?

All based on your social profiles!

What is it you would like to project to the outside world, that is what your personal brand needs to look like.

The advice here at DLA Ignite is that you would look "buyer centric".  So rather than having a CV you need to look like the person buyers would want to deal with.

Or investors, or new employees, or new suppliers, etc, etc.

You need a strong network.  The people you would like to recruit, sell too, invest in you ...

You need content.  I want to see what a great expert, leader, industry knowledge, great place to work, a great suppler, you are ...

2020 is the time you need to look at your Personal Brand, in fact the Personal Brand of everybody in the company.