We see articles all the time from content writers that try and make out that writing content is difficult.  So you think "I'll get this person to write my content".  Job done, content writer, writes a blog, you pay money.

The reason why people don't want to read your content is because it isn't you.  You only had one job and you outsourced it. :)

People are interested in what you have to say.

People are interested in your authentic articles.

People are interested in your videos.

But don't forget, nobody knows how great a blog is until they have read it.

For starters, you need a personal brand (people won't read blogs from spammers), you need a strong network (you need to have a network of people who you want to read your blog).  You need to be insightful, educational and authentic.

Write about your industry, write about a piece of business you have just won or lost.  Write about something that inspires you.

Don't make it more than 500 words.  This is not about putting 1,000 ideas down on paper, put one idea.

If I send you a 2,000 word white paper, you will file it away in the folder on your desktop "to read some day".  If I send you an article, of 300 words that you could read now, then you will.

This is about idea count not word count.

Have a great head line, this is about pulling people into read the article.  Don't forget, nobody knows it's a great article until they have read it.

Pull people to read for the first time and they will come back for more.

Let's not forget that some of the greatest writers in the world were never overnight sensations, you won't be either.  You need t work at it.

As I said above, keep your content, interesting, insightful and short and you should get people to read it.