It's exhausting isn't it?

Social media that is, just when you thought you and your team had got to grips with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn yet another platform emerges for those pesky Gen Z people who expect everything for free.

TikTok is thought to have about half a billion active users worldwide, with a large percentage in their teens or early 20s.

The short-form video app has become a fertile birthing ground for memes, many of them music-related.

The reality is that social platforms like this will continue to come and go extremely quickly, but for brands looking to cultivate the next generation of consumer ensuring they understand the digital playground for Gen Z and Millenials is not a nice to have, it's now a business imperative.

As China continues to lead the way with WeChat, Weibo and others we're beginning to see innovations for 'social commerce' at a dynamic pace unheard of before.

 Where once we took the lead from the western hemisphere like the US it's time to look beyond those territories if we're to keep pace with what's relevant to the consumer, better understand where, how, and why we should choose to engage our company/brand in these merging social trends.