This is an interesting post about the x CEO of SAP and the fact he has gone to ServiceNow.

Having worked myself for a large US ERP / CRM vendor in the past, I had heard of the rumours of where Bill was going to land.  There was even a rumour that he was going to land at Oracle, I'm sure there was a discussion and Bill wouldn't be cheap.

That brings us onto the point of Employee Experience.

The term "employee experience" we are hearing more and more, in fact I hear it now as often as the term customer experience.

The two, for many are intertwined.  Happy customers, creates happy employees and happy employees create happy customers.

Right in the middle of this is Human Resources (HR).

Over are the days when HR stood for just hiring and firing.  Now they are custodians of the employee experience!

While the software suppliers might jump on the bandwagon, we know that "experience" cannot be created by an IT system.  You need, people and process.

So how can you

Increase the employer experience?

Support returners?

Get employees contributing quicker?

Get sales people contributing quicker?

Reduce the cost of talent acquisition? 

Get to the talent ahead of your competition?

Retain that talent ahead of your competition?

Become the employer of choice in your industry?

These are just some of the hurdles we as HR professionals we have to jump, I'm sure there is a solution out there.  Fingers crossed as it would help put HR on the map and cement us as the Employee Experience guardians!