So after all these years, Thomas Cook has collapsed.

This is what disruption looks like!

When I was growing up package holidays were a wow!  This year I went to San Francisco on business, then Seattle and then spent two weeks in the Canadian Rockies.  6 weeks in total.  The whole trip was booked through the internet and airBnB.  We used Trip Advisor and Uber and all of the luxuries that social media, mobile and internet avoid us.

My partners son and his girlfriend recently spent 4 months in south America he and his girlfriend organised this using one mobile phone.

Thomas Cook needed to change their business module but didn't.  How many other companies that "know" they need to change their business module but haven't?  This won't be a wake up call ..... knowing and doing are two different things.


Just seen a quote from Vimal Rai who is a social media travel expert here at DLA Ignite and he said 

"There are so many benefits to empowering employees on social, not the least of which is engagement. It doesn’t have to be about pushing product or brand all the time. Yet we see the palpable fear in companies."


If you work for Thomas Cook or know somebody who works there, see our post here great initiative by Lewi Watkins and the team here at DLA Ignite