The rumors coming out of 'Zuckerberg' land are that the company is still trying to find ways to operate on connected TV's, or Smart TV's, these are the internet connected devices that have been weaving their way into households around the world for the past few years - you might even have one yourself?

Whether 'Zuck' and the team manage to pull this off is another question which is asked in the link below, however the motives behind this sit with the reality that for you and me to enjoy the freebies of the 'Facebook stable' namely, FB, Insta, and Whatsapp, these platforms totally rely on 'Zucks' ability to be able to further monetise our data for advertisers. 

He needs to be able to track what we watch, when we watch it, and most valuable to him is whether or not we then 'interacted' socially as a result of our viewing habits.

As social media activity and growth continues to grow around the globe with circa 3.5 Billion people now on one social network or another (mainly Zuck's) the company need to find new ways of;

a) Gathering more user data - privacy concerns aside.

b) Ensuring his platform(s) are on every internet connected device there is.

What started out as a platform to connect people as we all know has turned into something of a 'Tiger by the Commercial Dollar tail', and its a very hungry Tiger that requires regular feeding .

The ad tech industry is totally aligned with these ambitions because the circa 7.5k Ad Tech vendors need more and more places to interrupt what we're doing with those spammy, intrusive, and low-ball creative adverts.

Where there's a lot of money to be made you will of course find unscrupulous people prepared to help the unwitting part with their cash, and moves into the Smart TV space is simply manna from heaven for ad tech, and the associated ad fraud industry.

The majority of growth forecast to rise to over $100 Billion dollars by 2023 is being driven by such connected big screen devices, so 'Zuck's just doing his part isn't he?