She used to say to me,

"Mark, don't sit so close to the TV". - Now I put a VR headset on and watch a cinema screen.

"Mark, Don't talk to strangers" - Now Ill pay a stranger to come to pick me up and take me places (thanks uber)

"Mark- If Someone Asked You To Jump Off A Cliff Would You?” - Actually, Mum, if enough influencers told me to do it then maybe, just maybe.

Fact is everything has changed and technology is mostly to blame. If you are in sales (and we are all selling something it doesn't matter what you do)  then you need to realise the buyer's journey has changed. They know more about you than you'll ever know about them. Buyers are risk-averse, well informed and busy people. No wonder they aren't returning your call or email.

You need to get with the program and educate yourselves on how to be a modern seller.

“Say Pardon, Not What. Because I Said So and I’ve Told You A Thousand Times. You Might Want more Sales, But I Want, Never Gets.

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