Right, get your notebook out and a pen, or get your iPad out and create four columns, these are the names of your 4 competitors.  Plus add in your own company as a 5th column. 

Then it two rows underneath these names competitor headings, write down the number of sales people these competitors have and the amount they spend on marketing.  You don't have to be totally accurate, you can estimate.

So you should now have 5 columns which has your company and your 4 competitors and comparison of sales people and marketing spend.  So now you know, how to be better than your competition, you have two levers, increase marketing spend or increase sales people.

So how does a Sales Leader disrupt their industry to crush their revenue number?

You need to spend more on marketing than your competitor or have more sales people than your competitors. 

Or ..... you could disrupt? and do what our clients are doing and that's transform the sales team with social selling.