It's pretty simple, you should stop all this corporate marketing rubbish that nobody is interested in.

All this content where you tell everybody you are number one, the one with the following USPs, that you are market leader.  Nobody cares and in fact nobody believes you.  It all becomes noise.

Anything where you interrupt your prospect and broadcast them is a big no no today and in all cases legislation and technology no exists to stop you.

Most products today are pretty much the same and while you are an "expert" and think how wonderful your products are.  Your prospect is not an expert and therefore does not have the knowledge to differentiate one product to the next.  In fact most prospects see suppliers as a "block".

The only think you, as a business, have to differentiate yourself today is your people.  Their experience and their journey.  So to make sure social media seem genuine you have to activate and empower your employees to talk on social about your products and services.

This is NOT stuffing their social media channels with all that corporate content we discussed above.  This is about empowering them to talk in their language, using their words.

The benefit?  Like DLA where we dominate the share of voice of our competitors where they have 37 times more people than we do.  You too can dominate, this will then give you all the SEO and earned media you need.