Want to sell more than your competition and have more market share?  Here's how you do that.

Do a competitive analysis between you and your competition.  Chalk up the amount you are spending on marketing and the number of salespeople you have.  Now you will probably have to guess at the marketing spend and number of salespeople, but you can compare.

So you now have a table, comparing your you marketing spend and sales people.

So now you know what you have to do to sell more than your competition.  You have to increase your marketing budget to be more than your competitor and recruit more sales people to have more sales people than the competitor with the most salespeople.  It's that simple.

Now 9 people out of 10 who are reading this will say, there is no way I can have more marketing budget than my competition and there is no way I can have more sales people.  So what you going to do?

Simple.  You have to disrupt.

Everybody is doing old fashioned marketing, maybe it's time to join the disrupters?