We see a lot of talk about redefining work.  From open plan office to offices and back again.  Should we have table tennis tables and table football?

We also see people talking about efficiency which is great but that messages hasn't change the Business Process Reengineering (BPR) projects in the build up to Y2K, some 20 years ago.  "More for less" is the chant.  Well of course, by implementing new technology which is usually cheaper and quicker it's pretty easy to get more for less.  

But does it make you business ready for the next 20 years?

Does it make you ready for the next generation of people coming through the Millennials and Generation Z?

Most organisations are using social media but on a tactical basis, it's used in marketing, sales, customer service, human resources etc.  But as I say, it's tactical.  What would happen if you turned this into a strategic process?  Something that can give you more for less, additional revenue and competitive advantage ... but better still a way of working that can give you 25% internal efficiency gains and gives you a quick win as part of your Digital Transformation.