Technology advances with baby steps. 

Disruption doesn’t happen overnight. The electric light we are used to, is based on the gas light. Electric machines that this society is built on is based on the steam engine. Uber is based on WeChat functionality.

While, often “inventions” are disruptive they are just slightly removed from old tech. Let’s look at Digital Marketing and Martech, promises massive changes but in fact it’s actually analogue Marketing in disguise.

Advertising was invented in the 1930s, there is nothing new about it. Adtech is really just about getting more irritating ads in front of me. The more I use adblockers and try and live in an ad free world, the more systems try and beat this and try and interrupt my day by placing more ads in front of me. 

Brands all agree that consumers don’t like adverts and broadcast their message at us.  But continue. I read last week that Facebook had reached saturation point for ads. You cannot place anymore ads on Facebook.

The same with email. 1980s technology, and all marketing automation does it interrupt my day by placing more and more emails in front of me. I had an email from a LinkedIn connection spamming me with an email. 

Could he email each week about what he was working on? Why do people and brands think people care what you do. We don’t. 

That person is no longer a connection on LinkedIn and I’m unsubscribed from his list.

It’s sad that legislation, GDPR was required to put an end to email marketing, but lucky it is.

While I think people thought digital marketing (and Martech) would last for 50 years, but, thankfully it’s over already. Time to go Social maybe?