1.  Telling lies - I was recently approached by somebody (it's a fairly common template that people use) that they had checked out all our content and that they had a fabulous match of our company to their product.  When I pushed them on why they thought this I got a product pitch.  When I pushed again, he never responded.  He had never actually done any research!

2.  Being Manipulative - There is a whole industry on how to right titles that will increase open rates.  You might increase open rates but if you are being manipulative, then people will just delete the emails.

3.  It's all about You - Most emails today give the same message, you the best, which is exactly what everybody else says.  Classic corporate marketing, which people just ignore as noise.

4.  Being to Salesy - Nobody wakes up in the morning and says "I want to talk with a salesperson" and the last thing you want is a product pitch.

Social is a change of mindset.