One of the things we try and do here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) is keep everybody abreast of what is going on.  One of the ways we do this is to use social (Slack) rather than email to run the business.

At my previous organisation we used social to run the business and made 25% efficiency savings.  Which equated to an extra 25,000 staff free of charge.  Which is a pretty mega ROI.  There were some other benefits such as getting sales people selling quicker, a 95% accurate forecast, getting maternity leavers up and running quicker.  We didn't ever measure those benefits but it must have had a massive impact.  We didn't get rid of meetings, but we did reduce the time the meetings took.

Here at DLA we have a company purpose and quick definition of what we do and everybody in the company should be able to to recite this and recite it at each meeting.

At my previous company we did an evolution of what the salespeople said at meeting and found out, there was, of course, as many stories as there were salespeople.  When we decided to evaluate the salespeople against "first meeting excellence" 60% of the sales people failed.  One person was using slides that were draft 5 years ago and he had never had time in the proceeding 5 years to up date them.

Purpose is critical as we too often jump into fact based questions and answers and in fact people want to understand your why, just as much as your how.  Two very different messages.